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Whether you need home, mold, or radon inspection or even a sewer scope, we are here to help you get through the process.

Home Inspections

When you choose Priority Home Inspections, a InterNACHI certified home inspector, you will receive a through inspection using the Standards of Practice of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Our job is to protect you from possibly making a costly real estate mistake, a home inspection can assure you the property you are purchasing has functioning systems and the overall structure is in good condition.

Mold Inspections

Priority home inspections provides professional mold inspection services. We are IAC2 Certified. If your home has roof leaks or mold odor or other water intrusion related issues, mold may be present.  We will use our mold detection and testing equipment determine if there is a problem. If you have a problem we will assist you in finding a Certified mold remediation company to remove the mold.

Radon Inspections

At Priority Home Inspection your home will only be tested by a certified radon specialist adhering to strict testing procedures and quality controls!  Our Priority is to educate and inform you about the Radon levels in your home so you and your family can make informed choices about your health and safety!  If Radon is found to be a problem in your home we will assist you in finding a reputable company to fix your radon problem.

Sewer Scopes

A sewer scope will give you confidence and peace of mind when you buy or sell a home.  If the sewer line is in bad shape or inefficient, it can potentially cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace. Sewer scopes have enabled homeowners to check the condition of their sewer line when there are repetitive problems or when buying a home. Since a regular home inspection doesn’t include a look at the sewer line, a sewer scope is critical.

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