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Kellan M

“Thank you so much to Phil and Priority Home Inspections for the thoughtful and thorough inspection of our new home. Phil was very professional and did a wonderful job of explaining what he found during the inspection. All home inspectors are not created equal, if you want a quality, affordable inspection – we definitely recommend Phil. Thank you again for all of your help!”

Derrick S

“We were looking at purchasing a new home but had some concerns about a few DIY repairs in the home. We decided to call Priority Home Inspections and had them perform a thorough review of the home. Phil provided a detailed report on just about every aspect of the house and as it turns out several of the DIY repairs were questionable. Ultimately, we decided not to purchase the property. Priority Home Inspections provided information that was invaluable and saved us from a costly mistake.”

Angela C

“I called priority home inspections because I had some friends use this company. They were very pleased with the service, so I thought I would give them a try. We were thinking about listing our home and didn’t want to be surprised by anything that may come up during the sale of our home. Phil the owner was very flexible to work around our very busy schedule. I must say he did a very thorough job and took the time to go over the smallest detail. I would not only recommend everyone that is thinking about selling there home get it inspected first but to use priority home inspections to do it.”

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